Traffic, what about it?

Traffic, what about it?

Traffic, how to create it, and why it is so important…?

There are some crucial parameters upon which search engines decide on how to index your website, and where in their indexes to put a link to your website.

All of other methods, mentioned earlier – search engine optimization – actually have one common purpose: to increase incoming traffic to your website.

The higher the traffic to your website the better its ranking. With the right, carefully chosen keywords, a lot of search queries from Search Engines will list your site. Due to that fact, the chances of visitors to follow a link and finally visit your website are bigger.

However, in search engine result pages, there is a short description of your website, home page mostly, so be careful to give as much as possible accurate data about your website front page. It could be of crucial importance for a visitor to decide whether he will follow the link presented by Search Engines.

Beware of HTML code errors, as strange characters listed next to the link to your website, will not look neither good nor attractive to the following visitor.

And of course, if your website is carefully described within the META TAGS, ”spiders” will index it very well, which will hopefully lead to top positions within the Search Engine, and therefore improve the chances that someone will visit your website.

Besides traffic, it is also important that your website offers a lot of quality content, which will keep the visitors for a while inside your website, making them visiting all of the pages within your website. This counts too. As well as organization of your website regarding the reciprocal links between pages inside your website.

You can always check your website Alexa Traffic Rankings.
Here is an example for this: at Alexa