How SEO works

How SEO works

How does exactly Search Engine Optimization – SEO – works?

OK, now you have basic knowledge of what is wrong with your Web site regarding better search engine placement, and now you got the basic idea about Search Engine Optimization.

Now we can go further.

Every Search Engine, or at least most of them, has automated processes, scripts that go through the entire Internet or at least bigger part of it, inspecting the web sites. Some of them inspect the content of the whole web site while others inspect only a home page and maybe one or two levels beneath it.

That process is called ”indexing”. It is not enough that you put your web site on the server. It will still be ”invisible” for Search Engines before they ”index” it and make an annotation of your web site on the Internet.

The same goes for all sites. In the very beginning, this site, was reachable only to the visitors who exactly knew the Internet address of the site:

Every Internet site was at some point brand-new on the Internet, and before Search Engines indexed it in their databases, it was reachable only to the visitors who had direct link – the Internet address of that site. That is why it is necessary to submit your Web site to Search Engines if you want it to achieve better search engine placement.

Automated scripts that go here and there through the entire web are commonly called ”spiders”, and their process of indexing is called: ”Crawling the web”. For example, GoogleBot, which is Google’s ”spider”, crawls the Web every 4 – 6 weeks. Some other Search Engines crawl the Web with their ”spiders” every few days, and some other every few months.

And here goes the catch: Even if your Web site is very tastefully designed, with lots of graphics, maybe even completely done in FLASH or similiar, it WON’T BE READABLE for most of ”spiders”!

of your site is VERY important for the better search engine placement.
However, there are descriptions of Web sites, invisible for humans, specially designed for spiders, so-called ”META TAGS”, but due to their abuse, they lost importance in Search Engine Indexing procedure – Crawling the Web with Spiders.

Nowdays, more and more ”spiders” rely on the real content of Web site and its pages, not on ”Meta Tags”.

Only few Search Engines support ”reading” of ”Flash” created pages or sites. PDF documents are also ”unreadable” for spiders, except for a few ”beta” versions of spiders of some Search Engines.

Texts, with special effects, converted into graphics, which is nice, catching to people’s eye, are also not readable for ”spiders”. However, with ALT tag (alternative text to graphics, when graphics cannot be loaded due to whatever reason), you can overcome the problem.

Links are very important for search engine ranking. INCOMING links. Search Engines like sites to which many other sites are linking. Especially if sites with high page ranking, and high traffic link to your Web site, you should take care that there are always more INCOMING links to your Web site, then OUTGOING links to other sites.

Traffic is very, very important. The higher the traffic, the higher the chances that your site will be placed on top position of Search Engines.
But, there is a catch: How can you increase the traffic, when Your Web site is not indexed or maybe it is, but it is on the 50th page of some Google or Yahoo! search query?

And here they come:

Since ”word speaks for itself” keywords are really KEY to increasing the traffic. You have to select carefully which keywords, when typed into MSN or Google or Yahoo search will lead directly to your Web site. It is not the same whether the keywords in search query are:
– Hardware or
– Computer Hardware or
– Quality Computer Hardware or
– Quality Video Accelerator Cards or
– Best Prices Quality Video Accelerator Boards and Cards
(considering that your web site is Internet shop for Video Boards)

With KEYWORDS mentioned above, and Site Description, you have to submit your Web site to Search Engines. That will speed up the process of indexing and showing up into Search Engines, and eventually lead to the better search engine ranking.

There are more than 200 Search Engines at the moment, some of them local, some of them global. However, it is a good thing to submit your Web site even to a Search Engine hosted somewhere in the other part of the World. Why? Because Search Engines have very high traffic and most of them exchange databases and information.

There are various tools to do this, some are automated process, some are manual, but it is not an easy job to do: research of the right keywords and submission of the Web site. However, that is a sure way to increase traffic to your site and eventually it will lead to better search engine placement.