What is SEO?

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization – SEO

Most common scenario:

You put a lot of effort into creating of your website…

Content, design, HTML code, Cascade Style Sheets, maybe even JAVA and Flash… Lot of graphics and even more of text…

You carefully designed and created Your website, and then…

After a while You realize that something is missing.

The most important ingredient of your website: VISITORS

There are NO VISITORS to your website!

How can it be?

You start to question yourself: ”Where do I done wrong? Why there’s no one coming to my site? There’s so many good things there, on my site? What should I do now? How to improve the search engine ranking of my website?

And the answer lies beneath the surface of Your great effort.. Of your own site…

Secret is in HTML code of your site, invisible to humans, but ”translated” inside web browsers into human visible form. It is of crucial importance for successful website promotion that your website HTML code is optimized and flawless.

Every Search Engine, like Google, Yahoo, Ask Jeeves, MSN Search, etc. inspects the Web in regular periods, with its own non-human automated so-called ”spiders” who are indexing the entire Web.

So, the Search Engine ”see” your site in quite different manner, than your human visitors.

To achieve better search engine placement in those Search Engines, you need to optimize your site. To adjust, to fine-tune your complete site, paying attention that your HTML code, is ”visible” not only to humans, but also to Search Engine Spiders.

That’s why the most common term for such task is:
SEO – Search Engine Optimization