Users have faster and faster broadband connections

Users have faster and faster broadband connections

We always stress to our clients and people that attend our workshops and seminars about the importance of page speed. It’s very crucial and vital that your webpage loads fast to all of your users. No matter they are surfing mobile or from office or home on a desktop with broadband connection.

There are a lot of studies that show that a fast speed page increases conversion and the opposite, slow pages lead to lower conversion and lower sales. The conclusion is that the longer it takes to do something, the higher probability that person will not complete the task.

According to a study done by Hubspot, users expect a page to load within 2 seconds. Yes 2 seconds!

A recent study from cloud provider Cloudflare showed that:

  • Pages that loaded in 2.4 seconds had a 1.9% conversion rate
  • At 3.3 seconds, conversion rate was 1.5%
  • At 4.2 seconds, conversion rate was less than 1%
  • At 5.7+ seconds, conversion rate was 0.6%

In another study,  retail giant Walmart found that ”for every 1 second improvement in page load time, conversions increased by 2%.”

That is amazing numbers and facts to know.

Google knows all this and that is one of the reasons site page speed is so important. But as seen above, it is not all about conversion. It’s like a for every 1 second improvement in page load time, conversions increased by two-stage rocket. With fast loading pages you get a good ranking the search engines and then that traffic converts better. Amazing to know, right?

We as you already know, are a company based in Stockholm, Sweden. The adoption here in this country when it comes to fast Internet connections has been widespread across all demographics. From young to old. There are around 15 Internet service providers. The competition has led to increased bandwidth, thanks to development in the technology. And also to much lower prices, because of the competition. One of the best comparison services is our good friends at, who compare all providers and tell you which mobile broadband is the fastest or the cheapest. People getting faster and faster broadband that is also a stepping stone to the expectation of pages loading faster. But it’s not all about Sweden, even though there is a recent study that shows that 98% of Swedish population is connected to the Internet. And this is were my conclusion is. This is were the rest of the world is gong. Soon everybody will be connected. Soon everybody will have access to cheap and fast mobile broadband. Amazing, right?!