Link Campaign

Link Campaign

How to build ”reciprocal links” and increase traffic to your website?

Links are one of the most efficient way to quickly and dramatically increase traffic to your website.

For successful optimization of your website for search engines, you must find partners who are willing to exchange their links with you. That kind of link is called ”reciprocal link”. You have to link to your partners’ website and they have to link to your website. The more of these kinds of links you have, higher the positioning in search engines you can have.

Actually, the ideal situation should be that there are many, many links to your home page – ”inbound links”, but very few outgoing. However this is very unrealistic. So, some kind of balance – in between ”incoming” and ”outgoing” links is necessary. The worst situation regarding the links is that your site doesn’t have any incoming links – no one is pointing to your site from another site, and that you have many outgoing links. That kind of website is often considered as link farm or similar.

So, you have to do a really heavy task of finding potential partners who are willing to exchange links with you. Search engines will rank the quality of those links and traffic on their websites, so beware who you are choosing for reciprocal links…